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Asian Performing Arts Council

Asian Performing Arts Council (APAC) was established in 1986 as a non-profit organization to foster cultural exchange between the United States and Asia, particularly China. Founded by Dr. Martha Liao, a former geneticist who was one of the earliest scientists to introduce recombinant DNA technology to China,


APAC has organized countless gala concerts, recitals, community outreaches, exhibitions, TV and radio programs, and other events reaching numerous audiences in both the United States and China. Under Dr. Liao’s leadership as chairman since its founding 30 years ago, APAC has assisted over 100 Chinese performing artists from all disciplines – instrumentalists, composers, singers, dancers and traditional Chinese musicians – in their training and career development.

APAC founded iSING! in 2011, formerly named I SING BEIJING, with a mission to introduce Mandarin as a lyric language, and Chinese vocal music as an emerging genre in the mainstream music world. iSING! offers a unique opportunity for Western singers to explore the new and exciting opera scene in China.  Since its launch in 2011, this pioneering program has attracted major media coverage such as the BBC, MSNBC, Associated Press, New York Times and the TIME magazine.  For more details on iSING!, please click link to

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iSING! American Debut, the Asian Performing Arts Council is producing a concert featuring alumni of the iSING! Festival singing with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Performances are scheduled for January 6, 2023, in Kimmel Hall, Philadelphia and January 7, 2023 in Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York. The title of the concert is Lunar New Year Concert. Echoes of the Ancient Tang Poems iSING! Suzhou with the Philadelphia Orchestra. 15 iSING! singers from eight different countries will perform Tang poems set to music by award-winning young composers from Asia, Europe and North America.

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APAC Denver Performance
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APAC Denver Performance
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